I Left My Face in San Francisco

February 11, 2009 at 2:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Superfudge and I are back from SF.   It was pleasantly decadent to jet off to Calif. for the weekend, esp. when the temps in NYC were bitterly cold last Thursday.  Before you start hating, this was no-frills travel.  We have mastered the art of the bargain holiday.  Our secrets?  Free hotel continental breakfast and public transportation. 

Every morning we loaded up on boiled eggs and chocolate chip muffins like it was our last meal.   An all-you-can-eat dim sum buffet in Chinatown provided dinner our first night.  Lunch on Saturday was leftover sandwiches we’d packed for the flight.  Dinner was a splurge at IHOP.  (I really wanted to be complete glutton and take full advantage of the neverending pancake stack, but there’s only so much breakfast one can eat).   Walgreen’s $1 selection of snack crackers, gallon bottles of water, and dried fruit helped us through the occasional bout of munchies.  The last night was a splurge–we ordered pizza delivered to our room.

The second day of the trip we figured out how to use the bus transfers.   It seems that a fare buys you not just one ride, but a block of time in which to travel, regardless of line or direction.   One kind driver gave us a transfer that was good for 6 hours.  We rode all over town practically for free.  Some confusion with the map had us walking through the Presidio more than we’d planned.  (The weekday and weekend stops for the free shuttle are reversed).  But we saw more views of the Golden Gate Bridge than we had ever hoped.  A few (free) bus rides later, and we were walking through the Japanese Tea Gardens at Golden Gate Park.

The “reception” at SFMoma was on Sunday.  It was a reception in the sense that we received something, and the building received us.  But we were counting on a free lunch (no such thing) and instead got some plinky-plink piano music and long lines. 

The lines were worth it, though.  It was fun to see who got which portrait.  We were hoping to see our own, but we did not.  Lots of people were walking around SF that afternoon holding portraits of strangers.   A group of really cute queens stopped us and asked us what the pictures were about.  (And complimented me on my ring). 

The artist asked us to display the portraits and upload photos of the display on Flickr.  You can see them here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/the_gift_sfmoma/pool/.  Look for the hotel pic posted by QuietQuai. 

Since the reception wasn’t a party, we walked around the block to the Museum of the African Diaspora and the Cartoon Museum for some more inexpensive fun.   (MoAD is free for the month and the Cartoon Museum has a fascinating exhibit on Coraline.  I recommend both museums.  They are the perfect size and do not bring on museum fatigue at all, even for the semi-lame).  The clerk at the Cartoon Museum didn’t understand why we would want to hang a picture of a stranger in our homes.  (I never met Napoleon, but I have his coronation portrait over my tv, too!) 

A photographer stationed himself outside SFMoma and took pictures of all of us coming out with our pictures.  (So meta!).  If you wait patiently during the slideshow, you will see me and Superfudge walking by with ours. http://www.chigirev.com/2009/02/people-with-the-portraits-of-p.html

Right now the picture is resting against my bookshelf.  My place is too messy to photograph.  I’ll try to install it this weekend.


  1. Quiconque said,

    We’re # 154 on the Chigirev site.

  2. Nikolay said,

    Actually, I posted all Pictures in HTML format too. So people can download if they want…

    Enjoy ! 🙂
    Nikolay Chigirev.
    A photographer stationed himself outside SFMoma. :-)))

  3. Mama Ass said,

    I see you! Very cool.

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