Shooting Excursion Comes Not Soon Enough

September 19, 2008 at 2:30 pm (Work)

In an effort to curtail Useless Boss’s uselessness, I left her detailed instructions on what to do should someone call to register for a class while I’m out to lunch.  I typed up a memo specifying that I need the students’ names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and the title of the course they want to take.  If the students have any questions, I will contact them later in the afternoon. 

When I returned from lunch, Useless handed the memo back to me.  On the bottom of it she had scrawled, “Class, tel#, address, email, give tuition to teacher,” AND ONE STUDENT’S NAME.

Oh My Jesus, Lord!

When I asked her what this was about, she said, “Oh, I told him you would get back to him.”  Apparently by shouting his name out in the wilderness.


  1. Ameen Sayed said,

    Really, you shouldn’t be complaining about your boss, let alone call him\her useless. See how she treats you? that’s so gentle, cute and respecting. Had I left such a memo to my boss, she would have shoven her (with my dismissal letter) where such things are shoven. You people are really spoiled.

  2. Quiconque said,

    I am the first to admit that my working conditions are nowhere near as harsh as most of the people who toil on this planet. However, in terms of what goes on in my office, I am not the one who is spoiled.

  3. Ten Feet said,

    The culture of the American workplace is not one that holds superiors to be sacred in any way. It’s meant to be a cooperative environment, and respect must flow in both directions. If a boss is a stupid ass who is rude to her staff, she clearly lacks the skills to supervise the workplace and deserves no consideration or respect from her employees.

    And just because bosses can get awawith being evil and incompetent in some far corner of the universe doesn’t mean you should let your boss do the same in this corner of the universe. And just because suffering in silence and doing nothing is considered virtuous in some parts of the world doesn’t mean you can’t talk about trying to take some agency and responsibility in your part of the world. I say complain away–since this is a personal blog and meant to be a place where you can rant about whatever is bothering you.

  4. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    The problem with guns…

    The problem with guns, in the little picture (as opposed to the larger societal/philosophical picture), is the company.
    See, I like guns. Or, to be more precise, I like shooting. It’s challenging but not too hard, meditative but exciting. Shoo…

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