Knee Bandwagon

September 12, 2008 at 3:00 pm (der Fuß)

I was looking over the reports of the cat scans that were done immediately after my car accident.  The medical fellows had this to say about my right knee:

Four views of the right knee with crosstable lateral and sunrise projections demonstrate advanced patellofemoral and lateral compartment degenerative changes with extensive marginal osteopathic hypertrophic changes of the lateral and patellofemoral joint lines.

In non-doctor-speak, I have a fucked up knee.  This is NOT the result of the accident.  This is probably the result of, as Crusty’s doctor diagnosed her once, being “fat and old,” and in my own case, clumsy.   For a good five years I bashed that kneecap every time I fell down.



  1. Ameen Sayed said,

    How about old and clumsy but thin people like me? Would they get a fucked-up knee ,too?

  2. Quiconque said,

    Ameen, I have no idea, because I haven’t sought treatment for the knee. They did a cat scan after the accident because I bashed it against the glove compartment, but the real injury was to the foot. I never got an official diagnosis on the knee, and would not have known anything was medically wrong with it had I not read the cat scan report. Anecdotal evidence suggests that doctors default to “lose some weight” when fat people complain of joint pain, even when something else might be going on. (See La Belle Helene’s and Ten Feet of Steel’s posts about their knee diagnoses).

  3. La Belle Helene said,

    You’re just jealous about my and Ten Feet’s knee problems!

    But knees are funnily designed and very sensitive. The slightest misalignment, over the years, can cause serious issues later on.

    However, welcome to The Land of Arthritic Knees!

  4. ashyknees said,

    Hopefully, your knee system can be improved with some exercises. PT eliminated the pain I had in my left knee. It was bothering me because of weakness in my left hip and thigh or something like that. The therapist also made me do core strength exercises.

    Of course, these exercises suck. When my knee (and my back) stop hurting, I stop doing them. Shame on me.

  5. Quiconque said,

    I was up last night with stabbing pains in the right kneecap. It’s subsided somewhat, but that might be the bengay and advil talking. I have PT today and will bring it up with my therapist. I suspect compensation for the weak/painful foot is contributing to this and to my recent back tightness.

  6. TragicCrusade said,

    Just dont join the All body pain all the time club.. that club sucks. — But we have fun group activities.

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