September 9, 2008 at 11:15 am (Entertainment)

La Belle Helene, SuperFudge, and I were talking about movies the other night and Milla Jovovich came up.  We discovered that we were hard pressed to find 5 movies that she’s starred in where she doesn’t wake up disoriented in a medical facility of some kind and has to come to grips with her superhuman powers.  Without consulting IMDB, can any of you?


  1. zantimisfit said,

    No, I can’t. Wasn’t she in a romantic comedy once?

  2. yoko said,

    Return to Oz?

  3. yoko said,

    Scratch that. I was thinking of Fairuza Balk.

  4. Ten Feet said,

    Joan of Arc. But only because of the absence of high-tech medical facilities.

  5. Ten Feet said,

    Sorry– the film was actually called The Messenger, and I had to go to IMDB to remember the title. The role was Joan of Arc. It was a dismally bad film. She’s just much better off playing a sci-fi superbeing, since she’s such a beautiful freak of nature that those kinds of roles suit her well.

  6. TragicCrusade said,

    Has she been in ten films and yes the Messenger was the first I thought of too. But I then thought that was LeeLee Sobieski and then realized YES. IT was both.

  7. Quiconque said,

    How can you forget Return to the Blue Lagoon? GunMonkey would rock this question, no doubt.

  8. GunMonkey said,

    I don’t remember if she did the whole wake-up-disoriented thing in “Ultraviolet,” but the movie pretty much faded from my memory.

    “Zoolander” (not a starring role, per se)

    “He Got Game” (ditto)

    “The Messenger” and “Return to the Blue Lagoon” were both mentioned already.

    “Kuffs” (okay, I’m really reaching here).

    And I don’t think she woke up disoriented in that “Married with Children” episode she did.

    FUN FACT: she’s trying to move into fashioon design. Her company designed the wardrobe for “Resident Evil: Extinction”.

  9. La Belle Helene said,

    Ah, Basie had mentioned “Zoolander” and “He Got Game” the night we were talking about it, remember?

  10. Quiconque said,

    *I* mentioned “He Got Game.” Harrumph! But that was hardly a starring role.

  11. Irma said,

    “Dummy” with Adrien Brody. It’s a great movie – very quirky. And she is conscious throughout.

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