Oh, No, He Didn’t II

September 3, 2008 at 12:45 pm (Dating)

In an effort, perhaps misguided, to bounce back after the breakup and take advantage of the nice weather and my increased mobility, I resumed internet dating.  I started an email correspondence with a man who had, among his photos, pictures of himself in full cycling gear amidst a crowd of other cyclists.  So, I asked him about the bike race, the training necessary to participate in it, and whether or not he won.  This was his reply:

its not a race sweetie its actually a bike tour.. pretty much can ride at ur own pace… its the annual ncy 5 borobike tour have u ever heard of such..

There is no reason for me to contact this man ever again.  Am I wrong in thinking this?  I mean, I call people sweetie, too, but I usually limit its use to my intimate circle.  The only strangers I call sweetie are very young cute children.  Also, why would a man in his mid-30s write an email like a lazy texting teen?




  1. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Yeah, I would pretty much lose interest at this point as well. Illiterate AND condescending? Doesn’t quite draw me in for some reason.

  2. yoko said,

    Ten Feet took the words out of my mouth. Condescending and illiterate. Cross him off the list.

  3. zantimisfit said,


  4. Eve L. Incarnata said,

    Excellent choice of accompanying graphic.

    UR DOIN It RITE!!!111

  5. GunMonkey said,

    Writing skills are a must for me. If he’s too lazy to put any work into his reply to you, why put the effort into him?

  6. ashyknees said,


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