July 10, 2008 at 10:54 am (Uncategorized)

Today’s Dinosaur Comic sums it up.



  1. TragicCrusade said,


    I hope you feel better soon; My friend. (NonSarc)
    (Begin Sarc)
    Society dictates that plucky handicapped ppl cant give in to pain or dispondence, it makes everyone feel bad and robs them (society at large) of thier G-d given right to use us as sources of inspiration!
    (End Sarc)
    The TF sarcometer says (4.3/5)


  2. yoko said,

    Leprosy– all my limbs are falling off of me…
    (sung to the tune of “Yesterday”)

  3. Quiconque said,

    All is not woe. I had a lovely visit from Ichi yesterday.

  4. TragicCrusade said,

    I love it YOKO I love it

  5. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    If it helps, I don’t use you as a source of inspiration, TC.

  6. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Is there anything that can be done for the pains? Are they sharp pains, or aching pains?

  7. Quiconque said,

    They are aching pains, the result of exertion. Not sharp pains, which are a sign of trouble. There is also the psychic pain of no longer being the master of my own environment. This morning, when I asked a certain someone to do me a favor and get something off the shelf for me, he half-jokingly replied, “I’ve been doing favors for you all morning.” (But then he carried my bags, drove me to work, and bought me iced coffee; so I really cannot complain.)

  8. TragicCrusade said,

    Thanks TF

    Im glad youre there for me!

  9. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Alas, exertion pain is hard to deal with. Painkiller tend to not work so well for that kind of pain. If it weren’t already so damned hot, I’d recommend a hot bath or a heating pad. May I suggest booze?

  10. yoko said,

    although there’s something about a hot bath that makes you feel cooler and more relaxed afterwards.

  11. Eve L. said,

    The comments are even better than the comix.

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