July 10, 2008 at 10:31 am (Work)

I’ve been back at work for almost 3 weeks now and every day it sucks a little more.  My lack of patience with these people might have increased from the disappointment of not getting the other job I wanted.  But, still, there is ample evidence that these people are incompetent, evil, plotting, and dangerous, as contradictory as those qualities might be.

Consider this: for the past 2 years I have been the point person for a series of courses we offer to the general public.  When I first started working here, the college made some decisions that adversely affected enrollment in this program.  I fought for our own catalogue, mastered the registration software, worked with our publicity department in researching new markets, and basically busted my ass to pull the program out of the hole.  By the end of my first year, it was a major money-maker for the college.  The higher-ups noticed the work I did, praised me, and gave me a merit raise.

Since she arrived, the Hateful Boss has been chipping away at my involvement in this program (as long as it doesn’t mean she has to do more work, of course.  So, no, she won’t learn the software).  This recent decision to eliminate online registration means more work for me, but of course I have absolutely no say in this decision.  Fine, she’s a chest thumper and has been throwing her meagre, brittle weight around for a year now.   She wants me to do what I’m told and nothing more.

For three weeks I’ve been asking for a copy of the catalogue draft so I can create the spreasdheets we’ll be using for registration, reserve the rooms, and answer phone and email inquiries about the fall session.  Each time I asked my assistant for a copy, I was told that there were NO COPIES.  “Oh, we just sent it to the printer.”  “Oh, Hateful Boss is working on it.”   Lots of excuses, but no copies of the draft, even when the publicity people brought over the final proof. 

Recall that I work on a different floor, remote from my department because of my broken foot.  I am dependent upon my assistant to act as a liaison between me and my own job!  My assistant is an ass*, foisted upon me by the Hateful Boss in punishment for my decision last year to teach.  She is incapable of thinking on her own; so I know these denials of my request are not coming from her.  They have to be coming from the Hateful Boss.

Finally, yesterday, I emailed the assistant again, and told her that it is essential that I get a copy of the catalogue.   I don’t care if it’s a draft.  I don’t care if it hasn’t been proofread.  Hours later, my assistant comes downstairs with a smudgy copy she retreived from Hateful Boss’s GARBAGE CAN. 

In case you don’t immediately see how fucked up this is, let me explain.  I have been asking for weeks for a document essential to my job.  Each time I ask, my Hateful Boss, through her mouthpiece, the Incompetant Assistant, has told me that the document is unavailable.  And then, THE DAY AFTER the Hateful Boss leaves for vacation, a copy of the document is found in her garbage can.

*Please note that this assistant is NOT The Assistant from earlier posts such as the one about my birthday last year.  That Assistant was awesome and I miss her terribly.


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  1. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Hm. Is Sympathetic Dean still there? It may be time to see her.

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