This Boot Was Made for Walking

July 3, 2008 at 10:50 am (der Fuß)

Just got back from the doctor with promising news.  The foot, despite being swollen to the point that it resembles a scarred calzone, is healing well.  So far there are no problems with the little bones that the screws couldn’t catch.  The incision is closing up.  Range of motion has increased.

In three weeks I will be fitted with a new apparatus, one that will allow me to DRIVE.  Until then, I have been instructed to put as much weight on the foot as I can tolerate.  Still no stairs, but that will be reassessed in three weeks.

Social life, here I come!


  1. zantimisfit said,


  2. Ten Feet of Steel said,


    As a side note, I will never look at a calzone quite the same way again. Thanks for that.

  3. ashyknees said,

    Society eagerly awaits your return.

  4. Quiconque said,

    In keeping with the disturbing imagery, last Friday when I took off my cast, my leg was swollen from toe to thigh in a way that called to mind National Geographic specials about the rutting behaviors of young male killer whales.

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