New Subway Ad: Fat People Stink

June 8, 2008 at 8:24 pm (Dieting and Fitness)

Fuck you, Subway!  Yes, I know, you’re the fat-friendly fast food place, right?  Jared lost so much weight eating your sandwiches.  Your sandwiches are all about healthy choices, right?  And, apparently, hatred. 

Subway’s latest television spot is set in a McDonald’s clone.  An announcer asks a slackerish dude, “What do you get with a burger combo meal?”   According to the announcer, in addition to the fries and the drink, the burger meal also comes with elastic waist pants, seat belt extensions, diet books, and extra-strength deodorant.

You know what’s a healthy choice for me?  Not spending money on their fucking sandwiches from now on. Because it’s one thing to encourage more healthful eating. It’s completely another thing to try to drum up business by insulting the target audience.

Oh, and click here to see the commercial where Subway tells us that fat people have no self-esteem and the people who love us will leave us because we’re fat.



  1. Big Fat Deal » “Fat People Smell Bad,” Says Subway said,

    […] e-mailed me to alert me to a Subway commercial, which she blogged about, that implies that people who eat fast food get automatically fat and that, among other things, […]

  2. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Wow, I don’t know whether that means I should pay more attention to commercials or make a more concerted effort to ignore them.

    I hate Subway, anyway. Their sandwiches taste like cardboard.

    Also, low-fat foods do not guarantee weight loss, since eating fat does not automatically make one fat. This is a one of many unquestioned myths that almost all diet-related advertising propagates, and I find it so annoying that I block out any ads purporting to sell things that are “healthy”.

  3. Quiconque said,

    Goodness, this post is popular! Thanks, for the most part, to Mopie, who linked here in her discussion. I must say, though, I’ve reached a new milestone: my first plagiarized entry. Someone named Melting Mama has cut and pasted a chunk of this entry into her own blog and has not given me credit. I would address her directly, but her blog keeps freezing up my internet browser.

    Ah, the perils of popularity.

  4. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Not too smart to link to a post you’re trying to plagiarize. But apparently, she “downright” agrees with the “no self esteem and unloved” ad, so her judgment may not be the sharpest.

  5. TragicCrusade said,

    On the plus side more people reading this is a chance for more people to interact with thier critical faculties to commercials and Qui can combat our collective sheepdom. Combatting sheepdom is good.

    Commercials do everything in shorthand. Someone out there thought this shorthand still connected. Lets continue to show that it is flawed pernicious short hand,

    So Hell yeah Ill say it Boycot Subway. I hope my colleagues at various searchengine for paymasters companies get this post in thier flagged inbox and send it up the flag pole

    Boycott Subway!

    No five dollar No footlong
    Heck go to Quiznos
    or build your own,

    For Ten Feet the call to Boycott Subway NOT sarcasm. Tell a friend a client, Im going to tell my former boss/partner and firm .
    (I love you Ten Feet but we sometimes have blogdisconnect!)

    This comment is only known to reflect the opinions of Tragic Crusade it may or may not reflect the opinions of the blogger or guests. ie Dont be showing up at her house with your corporate sandwich thugs.

    Once more so the bots know Im serious
    Boycott Subway
    DO NOT SPEND MONEY in this troubled Economy at Subway!

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