Yoko Asked for it, You Got it

June 6, 2008 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Yoko is asking and answering questions. Here are the ones she posed to me:

1. When you do read for leisure, what sorts of books do you like to read?

For pleasure, I read mainly fiction.  If I like something I will read it over and over.  I used to be really into sci-fi fantasy, and some of my favorite books are in that genre, like the Chronicles of Prydain, the Dark is Rising series, His Dark Materials, Cygnet, the Chrestomanci books, Neil Gaiman’s stuff.  Yes, those are mostly children’s books.  I also like, for lack of a better term, post-colonial fiction: authors such as Naipaul, Lahiri, Ondaatje, Smith.  James Baldwin. Jane Austen. I also think Lolita is the best-written book in the English language.

2. How would you describe your time as an undergrad?

I was an indifferent student.  I rarely went to class.  I got mediocre grades.  I spent a lot of time hanging around, singing a capella, learning to smoke, speaking French, pretending to be a vampire, looking for porn, and going to cast parties.  In retrospect, I was probably too young to appreciate the opportunity I was given.  I’d enrolled in a lot of courses taught by the rock stars of anthropology, linguistics, and folklore. I really did waste a lot of time.  However, aside from going to class more frequently, I can’t say I’d change anything, since it was in college that I met some of my closest friends.

3. How did you first meet Ten Feet and Ashyknees?

I met Ashy my sophomore year, her freshman year.  We lived in the same suite in the freshman dormitory.  I was a UCB, which basically means RA without any financial perks.  Actually, I didn’t like Ashy when I first met her.  She reminded me of a friend with whom I had a falling out.  But, her amazing wit and personality won me over and within a few weeks we were thick as thieves.  My senior year, Ashy moved to the high rise dormitories and I moved off campus.  The university chose Ashy’s roommates for her, and Tenfeet and MamaAss were among them.  I spent very little time in my own apartment and ended up squatting chez Ashy for most of the year, which of course I realize was a huge imposition and I have no idea how they all didn’t end up hating me, but there you have it.  I met most of my closest college friends because I was too lazy to walk to my own apartment. 

4. What is your favorite food from your childhood?

This question stumped me for a while, because I don’t remember absolutely loving to eat any specific dish as a child. I recall frequent struggles with my mother over my desire for “American Food” over what I ungratefully called “Third World Food.” (How she didn’t smack me more often I have no idea.) When I was very little, I hardly ate at all, and my mother used to make popsicles out of orange juice and egg whites to make sure I got some protein every now and then. (This all changed once I learned how to make a sandwich for myself. Making sandwiches is a lifelong skill.) The one thing I can remember getting really excited about as a kid was mango. Although it was plentiful in Trinidad, it was still relatively rare in the US, and therefore it was a special treat to eat it when I was home. Mango remains one of my favorite fruits, although my mother complains that I eat it like an American.

5. Do you have my American Express magnet, by chance?

No, goddammit, and if you keep pestering me I’m going to call the police!

If any of you would like me to pose some questions for you to answer on your blog, please let me know in the comments.



  1. zantimisfit said,

    Yay! I was waiting for this post. What does eating mango like an American mean?

    Since I am having trouble writing, so help me by asking me 5 questions.

  2. yoko said,

    This post is all kinds of awesome- thanks.

    If I had my college years to do over again, I’d sing a capella.

  3. GunMonkey said,

    Lay it on me.

  4. Quiconque said,

    Zanti, a true Trini will suck a mango seed dry. I can’t stand the strings in my teeth; so I end up leaving some flesh on the seed, which my mother finds unacceptable.

    Now, for your questions:

    1. What is your most embarrassing poo story?

    2. What is it like, living with the Man?

    3. What’s going on with your BIL and his Ugandan bride?

    4. Does having all that internet presence (personal blog, town blog, flickr account, myspace, friendster, facebook, etc.) make you feel more connected, more scattered, or something else all together?

    5. Did you or the lesbians ever see the woman who wore white to the wedding ever again?

  5. Quiconque said,

    GunMonkey, I have so many questions for you, it’s hard to limit them to five. But here goes:

    1. How did you decide to do what you do for a living?

    2. What did you enjoy most about your time among the Jesuits?

    3. Why is your favorite movie your favorite?

    4. If you could choose anywhere in the world to live, where would you choose?

    5. When was the time you felt most in danger?

  6. zantimisfit said,

    I have done it.

  7. GunMonkey said,


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