I Do Not Have Eye Cancer

June 5, 2008 at 7:32 pm (Uncategorized)

The blood in my eye was spreading; so I tagged along to my mother’s eye doctor appointment yesterday.  Good news, I do not have eye cancer.  (Ichi, yes, you were right).  I do have a subconjunctival hemorrhage.  It is not serious.  Possible causes: high blood pressure (nope, got my bp checked about 20 times in prep for the surgery), diabetes (nope, sugar was checked, too), sneezing too hard (perhaps, the pollen has been out of control), straining from constipation (uh, no, never had that problem), or just, you know, fate.  I have a prescription for eye drops and I have a follow up visit next week.

I also ended up getting new glasses.  After 10 years, my prescription has changed.  Fancy that.



  1. addie said,

    i had a blood splatter on my cornea once from a burst blood vessel i got from having sex. it eventually went away, but in the interim, it was like looking through a red-colored gel.

  2. ashyknees said,

    Dang! Ocular sex?

  3. Quiconque said,

    *Someone* was mocking me for being dramatic regarding the eye cancer. He argued that the term “eye cancer” was too ridiculous to be believed. And yes, I concede that “eye cancer” is a little silly. But, my old boss, who is blind, once came to work with what looked like conjunctivitis. Being blind, she couldn’t search the internet and get grossed out by yucky pictures of diseased eyes; so self-diagnosis was out of the question. She went to the eye doctor who proclaimed that she had EYE HERPES. “Eye cancer” may sound foolish, but “eye herpes” is just gruesome.

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