Potty Mouth

May 12, 2008 at 9:40 pm (new york)

Talking with my mother this afternoon, I let slip, “This is fucking bullshit,” in describing the passive aggressive email I got from my boss at 4:58 pm today. I’ve cussed in front of my mother before, but this was the first time she didn’t admonish me. When I had my second car accident, and she was the passenger, all I could say was “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” To which she replied, “Quiconque, your language!”

But I don’t have a career in broadcasting. I don’t sit in front of a live mike twice a day. Mere minutes before I wrote this entry, I had the pleasure of hearing local news anchor Sue Simmons exclaim during a news break in the middle of the Medium broadcast, “What the fuck are you doing!?” I briefly thought I’d imagined it, but a quick call to Superfudge corroborated things. For the first time in many months, I guess I’ll stay tuned for the local news tonight. Cussing on air apparently is a good marketing strategy.



  1. cliveyoung said,

    Yeah, we saw/heard that too. We turned to each other and said ‘what the fuck was THAT?’ She apologized during the news but man, I’ll be shocked if the news comes on tomorrow and they don’t say ‘Sue has the night off.’ I’m sure the FCC are going to have a field day, but I hope she doesn’t lose her job or anything stupid like that.

  2. zantimisfit said,

  3. Quiconque said,

    Thank you, Zanti!

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