April 3, 2008 at 3:48 pm (anthropology, Work)

Somehow last week, during a conversation with my student assistant, I got inspired to become a grown up.  I had been playing Fantasy Life Search* online and I realized that if I was ever going to get the kind of house I wanted, I would have take care of some stuff first.   Hence the trancribing for the dissertation, submitting an abstract for the national conference, and other activities designed to make me an real anthropologist.

I also decided to take a more active role in managing my money, and made an appt. with the retirement plan representative at work.  My questions were basic, but I did want to talk to someone about my options. The woman called 3 times and emailed me to let me know that we had an appt. yesterday at 4 pm in the Student Center Conference Room.

Apparently I am not ready to become an adult.  Ashyknees has recently written about absent mindedness. But I am not even dating anyone now.  I have no excuse for the enfeeblement of my brain. 

I went to the Student Center, which is a confusing warren of a building with many blind openings and dead ends.  I entered through one door to find myself in the post office.  I left and entered through another door that led to the student spiritual office.  I walked to the west side of the building and entered to find the vegetarian cafeteria, which was locked.  I exited and walked to the south side and ended up near the faculty cafeteria (also locked).  I finally found a staircase and ascended to the top floor, where the a student worker told me where the conference room was.  I walked down the long hallway to find the conference room completely empty.

At this point I gave up and returned to the office.  If I can’t even find the right room, what  is the point, really?

I did learn, later, that the rep had been waiting in another room, which is actually named after the color of the door; no one calls it the conference room.  Furthermore, the only route of access to that room that I know would have been through the vegetarian cafeteria. 

*This is a game I invented where I look online for academic jobs, then research the housing market in the college town, and then research the cultural scape and dating scene in these towns and fantasize about a life much more rewarding and exciting than my own. Or not.


  1. peth said,

    Wait, you have a vegetarian cafeteria? As in, separate from the carnivore’s cafeteria? Wowza.

  2. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    I feel that you can’t really blame yourself for that one. How were you to know that you would face such labyrinthine confusion?

  3. ashyknees said,

    I hope you will try again. I want you to have a house so I stay in your comfortable guest room when I visit.

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