Niche Dating, Meh

February 11, 2008 at 12:37 pm (Dating)

After many inappropriate chats, several disturbing invitations to join a dom/sub relationship (as the sub), and countless profiles reading “I’ll tell you later; send me a message,” I’ve decided to cancel my subscription to a niche dating site that caters to black folks and the people who love them.  The fact that I met Chicken Slinger through this site should have been a sign that this wasn’t the right venue for me.   I found myself, over the past few months, getting more discouraged by and fed up with pictures of shirtless men posing in front of cars (their own or someone else’s), profiles listing “has 5 children; lives with 0,” and guys claiming they are in their mid-40s when their pictures show the grizzled and time-worn faces of men in their 60s.  The final straw was a flirt from a man with the elegant screen name of “I like’em big tits 34 DD.”  Charming.



  1. La Belle Helene said,

    Hey! He’s straightforward.

  2. Quiconque said,

    Oh, and I neglected to mention the self-advertising “Pum Pleaser” who winked at me last week. I will not be testing his claims for accuracy.

  3. TragicCrusade said,

    Funny I thought the very same and said as much!

    Fear not;

    Worthy suitors await your fair favor!

    As does alliteration, appearantly.

  4. TragicCrusade said,

    Also hey do you think there is a (ahem )niche niche here for something a little more upscale ie, prescreened with certain regs on both sides. I am trying to be delicate and not spew my BUSPy prejudices all over the place. It just sounds like the subscribers on the sites are well… Not Your Kind Dear. Maybe a self aware upscale dating site is in order. ala Our Kinda People. With you know a Carlton Banks of the Week. picture. Or you know a Whitley Gilbert of the week.

    Blog reading challenge how much of this post is well.. self aware sarcasm.. lol.

    Ashy got thoughts…

    Am I having too much fun yet no:


    hows about now.

  5. ashyknees said,

    Why not cut to the chase and start some kind of arranged marriage network?

  6. Quiconque said,

    I would not have been able to trust my parents to arrange any marriage for me. For one, my mother has no gaydar, and was always trying to encourage me to date [insert any of my gay college friends’ names here].

  7. TragicCrusade said,

    Thats the spirit Ashy.. I knew I could count on you. So very practical and yet stylish.

    Qui what’s gay got to do with arranged marriage? this is about marriage not sex or love dont get it twisted 🙂 oh wait theres that sarcasm again… or is it?


    Im running out to register

    Ill keep you posted Ashy.

  8. ashyknees said,

    One of my aunts actually suggested that I “get to know” one of the clergyman at her church. . . after she said that he’s probably gay. Thanks.

  9. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Here’s something completely different to take your mind off of lame dating sites:

    Ah, the Dutch.

  10. Quiconque said,

    Someone was supposed to find me a Dutch husband. I have been waiting for 8 years now….

  11. TragicCrusade said,

    All together now

    Ah, the Dutch.

  12. TragicCrusade said,

    More crazy ish!

  13. Quiconque said,

    I started playing it, and I had to leave the room. Thanks, TragicCrusade.

  14. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Yeah, we’ll have to call him up and ask him what the delay is about.

  15. GunMonkey said,

    Wait! You mean chicks don’t go for guys who send them pictures of themselves shirtless and posing with their cars? Aw man, Maxim magazine totally lied to me!

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