Anti-Mouse Crusade

January 9, 2008 at 10:37 am (Fauna Files)

There’s a look you sometimes see in the eyes of soldiers who’ve been fighting too long, in children who have struggled all their lives against hunger and poverty, in people who have been repeatedly beaten down, an impassive, vacant look, as if the person has seen too much devastation, and nothing new can register.   I noticed the same look on my face this morning.

I seem to be running my own anti-phobia clinic.  The mouse situation has abated only slightly in that I no longer hear squeaking.  But there are still mice in my apartment.  And when I saw one yesterday morning, I could barely muster a shudder, much less my usual scream, jump, and flail.

I called the management company and was informed that the building is exterminated twice a month.  This is not true, and when the exterminator came two weeks ago, he did NOT come to my apartment, even though I waited all afternoon for him.   In speaking with another tenant, I discovered that the extermination procedures for mice went only so far as the placement of two glue traps.

The management company rep. doesn’t understand that this is a building-wide problem.  So, I printed up signs to rouse my neighbors to action.  I spent an hour last night posting them in the elevators, stairwells, lobbies, and the laundry room.  Tonight I’m going to slip notices under everyone’s door. 

And now I’m going online to buy those round D-con traps that seem awesome but are completely unavailable anywhere around here. 


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