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November 27, 2007 at 2:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Tomorrow SuperFudge and I will be driving down to DC.  Road trip, whoo hoo!  I am presenting a paper at a very important academic-type conference filled with grown-up academics talking about important things like Theory and Research.

I have not yet written my paper.

It will not be the first time I will have written my presentation the night before I have to give it.  In fact, I do that almost every time.  This is a bad habit, encouraged by my ability to get away with it.  Should I crash and burn so that the universe can teach me a lesson?  Not this week, please.

I will also be taking this opportunity to have a mini-vacation.  I really need quality time away from my bosses.  I’m looking forward to walking around and sightseeing.  Oh, and we have been charged with a task: we will be helping one of the Ohio nephews-in-law with his homework.  Like Amelie and the garden gnome, we will be taking pictures of a Poo Bear (“Winnie the Shit” acc. to my mother) amidst the sights of DC.  I’m envisioning poo at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial.  Poo on the Mall.  Poo in the various Smithsonian venues.  (No poo in the Air and Space Museum.  That place is yawnful to me).  Poo at the zoo–perhaps a shot of poo and the pandas?  Poo at the Jefferson monument.  Poo riding that little statue of FDR’s dog…..



  1. La Belle Helene said,

    Hey, write a post about your trip to Ohio.

  2. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    I think you should write a post about Ohio, Belle Helene.

  3. La Belle Helene said,

    I will, but I was curious about my sister’s impressions.

  4. Eva said,

    How do you manage to get away with last minute work? I was the same, the only bad thing that was happening to me because of that (well bad for my self – esteem and ambition) was that I was missing “straight As” in the uni, until I ended up doing my dissertation, and there, I lost a publication according to my supervisor, and I wish he had never told me.
    Now I am doing my masters and it seems, I can’t continue like that. I was supposed to do my lit. review and I studied too much and I had only 2 days to do the writing, which was a disaster, I was so stressed, I just couldn’t do it, I hope my supervisor fails me, so I can do it again because I am so ashamed and pissed off with myself.
    How do you manage it? I think I have 2 major problems that I have identified. 1)I can’t work if I am not under pressure, I think I am just lazy, I always think I have plenty of time. 2) I think I study more than I should, I torture myself too much thinking and researching one thing from every single angle and then I don’t have time to write….
    This year though really hit me, so I am looking for some tips. Are there any or I just have to change my ways which is toooooo difficult?
    I don’t know though whether it is obvoius this year because I don’t like my masters but I do like my dissertation, it was what I always wanted to do but we submit on August and I just think I have plenty of time but the uni doesn’t think so:)
    By the way, I really like your blog, I just don’t write comments. I am almost a weekly reader and if I wouldn’t live in Europe we would definitely be friends:)

  5. Quiconque said,


    Thank you for your kind comments regarding my blog. As for your question, I wish I had an answer. Technically, I’m NOT getting away with doing my work at the last minute, because I would have finished my dissertation years ago if that was a consistently effective strategy. Like you, I suffer from both laziness and perfectionism. I don’t have the discipline to write every day, but when I do sit down to work, I take it to such an extreme (like researching the Enlightenment, for example, to trace the roots of French racial theory) that I get burned out and end up playing hours of the Sims2 instead.

    Ultimately, it comes down to this: it’s YOUR degree, no one else’s. Your advisor and your uni have a stake in your finishing, of course, but you need to do it on your timetable, and, remember, that you also have the option of not doing at all. If you need to take a semester off, so be it.

    As for myself, I am seriously thinking of getting some cognitive therapy.

  6. Eva said,

    Well, you have a great sense of humor:)It’s very funny how people go on and on about how individualistic this world has become and if you read some blogs you can see that this is not the case. People want soooo much to meet other people. I just don’t know where we lose the plot exactly. Maybe this would be a good research question.
    Well, I could use some good Marxist analysis to explain why I can’t possibly take a semester off but I would write for ages, which I don’t mind but…
    I wonder how we expect (this goes to a supraordinate level – as human species) to produce good knowledge when academia works the way it does. We are expected to produce like computers and I am soo against the human – computer metaphor…I don’t know but I am just pissed off with the whole thing.
    I am a “mature” student, well this is how they call it even if I don’t feel “mature” at all and I don’t want to be, and I didn’t expect uni to teach me how to think. I think the uni just taught me a methodology to research things. I was so enthusiastic during my undergraduate degree, but it seems I always understood things that I was not supposed to. It’s funny how they want us to be “reflective” and “critical” but they don’t actually want us to be. I was always the person from Mars, that’s how they made me feel. Now, I am doing my dissertation on women in academia but because I switched fields after a month we started for various reasons, I wanted some time to think about my new dissertation, to research and to reflect on that….but no…my supervisor, who is also a woman, and whom I like (apart from the times that I feel like she just doesn’t like me and then for some days I don’t like her too) told me that the dissertation is not a present that I am going to give to her and that we have to work together. Very nice but then she acted as all the men in this world, she told me I am not organised and blah blah and she just had this authority look. I had 2 weeks to do my and I knew from day one that I wouldn’t make it in such a short time, I just can’t read about gender and group consciousness and all the other subtle issues that emerge as if I am reading geography, I need to think and analyse it from all the possible perspectives. But then we have this thing of being loyal to your discipline, so I have to it from a social psychology point of view, even if this social psychgology point of view is also deeply sociological, anthropological and political. And then I am just trapped because I thought it was a good thing to be a knowledgeable person, so despite studying psychology, I always had my electives in sociology and I was always writing my essays accordingly. Well, they didn’t like it because “it was not referred in the class”, so I became the person of “68”. 70 and above was an A, which they never gave me and they never will.
    So, despite my disorganization and last minute things, I think it’s also the system that doesn’t like people like us, even if it is supposed to promote this kind of thinking….So I am here trapped, disappointed, pissed off and stubborn to prove them wrong. I just had thought that a female supervisor would understand these things much easier and she would be more supportive but unfortunately my male supervisor in my undergraduate dissertation understood me far better and this is the irony. Well, I guess, I could have this as a research question.
    I am sorry for the long reply, it’s one of my other bad habits. It seems I need some cognitive therapy too:)
    I wish you merry Christmas and please please do help and love those students who do not want to subscribe to the dominant paradigm.

  7. Quiconque said,

    Eva, click the email link and send me an email. I know a few social psychologists who have studied similar things and who may be able to help you.

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