My Own T-Rex Cartoon, starring Quiconque as T-Rex

October 10, 2007 at 2:28 pm (Uncategorized)

Panel 1: Quiconque: “Wrong numbers at work.  What’s up with that?”

Panel 2: “Wrong Numbers: a Dinosaur Comic, starring Quiconque

Panel 3: Quiconque: “Why am I getting all these phone calls at work for other departments?  It’s highly annoying.” [Stomps on log cabin while assistant looks on.]

Panel 4: Crusty the Utahraptor: “Perhaps the purpose of your department is so ill-defined that the operator sends all the wacky calls to you.”

Quiconque: “You are trying to initiate in me some work-related crisis of identity.” [Stomps on new boss.]

Panel 5: Crusty the Utahraptor: “Perhaps no one really knows what your job is.”

Quiconque: “Perhaps my skillz are just so friggin’ awesome that it has now become my job to answer the unanswerable!”

Panel 6: Quiconque: “Oh no, I AM T-Rex.  I need a cheeseburger.”



  1. TragicCrusade said,

    Panel 6: Amendment : Crusty the Utahraptor: “Clearly this was the universe’s intention.”

  2. ashyknees said,

    A cheeseburger is always the right answer, except on most standardized tests and in essay questions.

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