Go Shawty, It’s My Birthday!

August 16, 2007 at 9:34 am (Uncategorized)

Married To The Sea


  1. yoko said,

    Happy birthday, smarty!

  2. Quiconque said,

    Oh, Yoko, you are quick, posting a comment before I even had a chance to fix the html. Yes, I am s-m-r-t, smart.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. ashyknees said,

    I’m so glad the gift of stuffed teddy bruins and an old lady arrived safely. Enjoy!

  4. mama ass said,

    Yes! Happy Birthday to you!

  5. Ten Feet of Steel said,

    Happy Birthday! Does anyone else find teddy bears vaguely creepy?

  6. Quiconque said,

    A mountain of teddy bears enveloping an obviously dim-witted old lady is quite creepy.

  7. peth said,

    Oh happy belated birthday!

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