Facing the Dark Lord

July 19, 2007 at 4:20 pm (Family)

Inspired by MamaAss’s response to my comment, I am writing about my own Dark Lord what I must needs face this weekend: I-95.

Yes, fans, I will be hitting the highway, all the way to sunny Florida.  The prospect of driving for 18 hours is exciting, but it also fills me with dread.  Longtime readers should recall my predilection for crashing my car.  I think, however, if I manage to get out of NYC, I’ll be all right.  All of my accidents (okay, there were only two, but each resulted in substantial damage) have been in the Bronx.  I have to remind myself that I’ve driven to Philly twice, once to Boston, once to DC, and once from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa, all without incident.

Many people have asked me why I am not flying to Florida.  First of all, it’s expensive.  SuperFudge and I can drive down and stay at a hotel for less than the cost of two flights.  But, I also feel that this trip is a rite of passage of sorts.   This is a trip my father regularly made.  In fact, he became so proficient at it that he would drive those 1100 miles straight, without overnighting in the Carolinas.   I feel most connected to my father when I’m driving, and after his death I took on his role as the family chauffeur.  In doing this trip, I’m becoming an official adult member of my family.

Godsfeet, I’ve become so grown up lately: full time job, car, apartment, date, and now a road trip to Florida.  What’s next, dentures?


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