My Building

July 13, 2007 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I see the clouds that move across the sky
I see the wind that moves the clouds away
It moves the clouds over by the building
I pick the building that I want to live in

I smell the pine trees and the peaches in the woods
I see the pinecones that fall by the highway
That’s the highway that goes to the building
I pick the building that I want to live in

It’s over there, it’s over there
My building has every convenience
It’s gonna make life easy for me
It’s gonna be easy to get things done
I will relax alone with my loved ones

Loved ones, loved ones visit the building,
take the highway, park and come up and see me
I’ll be working, working but if you come visit
I’ll put down what I’m doing, my friends are important

Don’t you worry ’bout me
I wouldn’t worry about me
Don’t you worry ’bout me
Don’t you worry ’bout me

It’s not all noisy neighbors and dripping water.   Good things go on in my building.

For example, I overheard this exchange on the elevator this afternoon:

Pre-teen in wifebeater to older boy: I like your necklace.  Can you get one for me like that?

Older boy: If you give me seven dollars.

Preteen: I’ll give you the money to buy the beads.  Can you make me a necklace like that?

Older boy: I didn’t make this one, I bought it for seven dollars.  Where do you get your beads?

Preteen: I get them at the Chinese store.

[I live on the 2nd floor; so I didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation.  But it warms my cold dead heart to know that the young toughs in my building make jewelry for each other.]

Also, even though I signed up to have my intercom fixed tomorrow, the workmen stopped by this evening.  They had finished today’s appointments early and were going around the building checking to see if anyone else needed their intercoms fixed.  Can you believe that?  Ten minutes later, I can now buzz people into my building.

 So, loved ones, visit my building.  You don’t have to worry about me.


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