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July 9, 2007 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I went with the Thin Man to a fundraiser for a show about dieting/body dismorphic/eating disorders tonight. Twenty bucks and all the keg beer I could drink (I had cranberry juice and ginger ale). The Thin Man assured me that I would meet lots of guys there. Yes, because guys love theater about women’s wacked relationships with food and their own bodies.

There was an unfunny comedienne who joked about being a Jew. There was also live music. The first band was awesome. The lead singer sounded like a blend of Anita Baker and Lauren Hill. Imagine my surprise when I saw that he was a tiny white boy! Their set was all together far too short.

The second performer looked like she stepped off the pages of the Delia’s catalogue–a skinny waif in a nightgown. She had a piercing voice and would not step back from the mic. She sang reggae-inspired tunes about how the police were corrupt (and dropped bombs; she has her militaristic agents of the state confused) and how we had to rise up and revolt against injustice. I had to leave for a few cigarettes, each time hoping that her set would be over by the time I returned. Alas, no, even though the Thin Man went up to the singer from the first band and asked him to drag the waif off the stage. When, for the third time, she said, “This was supposed to be my last song of the night,” I’d had enough. I called it a night.

And then I drove my car through the scary Manhattan streets home without incident. Every day I don’t crash my car is a good day.


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  1. zanti said,

    The police in Philly used to drop bombs…

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